Boron Nitride Tubes, Crucibles, Bottles and Plates

Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Tubes

Grade Standard Technical Grade
Physical State solid
Usage Industrial

The unique combination of excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity makes BN very useful as a heat sink in high power electronic applications. Its properties compare favorably with beryllium oxide, aluminum oxide and other electronic packaging materials, yet is easier to form and finish.

High Temperature Environments.

Temperature stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock makes BN the material of choice in the toughest high temperature environments such as equipment for plasma arc welding, diffusion source wafers, and semiconductor crystal growth equipment & processing.

Molten Metal Handling

BN is inorganic, inert, nonreactive with halide salts and reagents, and is not wet by most molten metals and slags. These characteristics, combined with low thermal expansion, make it ideal for interface materials used in various molten metal processes.


  • High purity hot pressed boron nitrides
  • Diffusion bonded (no binder)
  • Low dielectric constant & loss tangent
  • Minimal moisture pick-up
  • Chemically purified (HBC)
  • Thermally purified (HBT)


  • Boric oxide binder
  • Highest density
  • Highest strength


  • Calcium borate binder
  • High density
  • Best moisture resistance

Boron Nitride Tubes, Crucibles, Bottles and Plates

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