Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles & Shingles

Material Steel / Stainless Steel
Dimensions 53inches x 16inches
Brand Divine, Korea

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as India’s largest suppliers of Stone Coated Steel Roofs in India.Established in 2006, our company Innovative Growth Enterprises today deals in diverse advanced materials and leader in each field. For Stone Roofing, we represent KD One of Korea, a USD 4 Billion organisation and one of the largest in the world in Stone Coated Roofing Products under the brand name Divine.

Know More About Product

DIVINE is steel roof panel formed from galvalume steel covered with colored natural stone granule. Not to mention its excellent performance, DIVINE may well be your best ever roof, not only because it is backed by a long lifetime warranty giving you peace of mind, but because it provides perfect combination of style and color to suit your tastes.

Product Feature:

Weatherproof : DIVINE provides a reliable barrier against extremely harsh weather. Its superior features significantly reduce the threat of roof damage and collapse.

Fire resistant : DIVINE provides your family with protection against fire as it is made of non combustible material that will never burn. Knowing that DIVINE is over your head, you will sleep much better.

Lightweight : It weighs only 1/6 of a concrete tile roof. It allows you to install less support structure to the roof. No other can offer more value and safety at this light weight.

Eco friendly : DIVINE requires little to no lifetime maintenance. And its outstanding durability can virtually eliminate the need to use future raw materials.

Aesthetic : DIVINE is fit for all kinds of properties with its charming appearance. From traditional terracotta to earth tone, a wide variety of colors is available. It will help you maximize your property’s visual appeal.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tiles & Shingles

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